Wind Sign Package


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Product Description

WindSign Packages:

• Includes 1 stand & 2 Inserts

• Display two signs per unit

• Available in two sizes:
   – Wind Sign II (Frame Size: 40.75″H x 26″W Insert Size: 24″x36″)
   – Wind Sign DELUXE (Frame Size: 51″H x 30″W Insert Size: 28″x44″)

Wind Sign DELUXE Product Info

– All sizes have the Quick Change Feature.

– Springs connect the frame to the base allowing sign to resist strong winds and return to upright position.

– Sand or water fillable plastic base with factory installed wheels.

– Accepts blanks made of Coroplast, aluminum, acrylic, Sintra or any foam board.

– Molded-in handle and factory installed wheels assure easy mobility.

– Molded-in eyelet allows airing or chaining base to a specific location, deterring theft.


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